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Top Shear: Zizzo
The Zizzos have sharp narrow blades to slice through wet hair with ease and create clean lines, but can also be used to design and finish dry hair.

Bottom Shear: Bangham 7
The Bangham 7s are the longest shears in the Lacayo family. These 7 inch shears demand control and allow for easy cutting. Knock out your lines in one smooth stroke. Favored tool for long hair and mens cuts.

PREDATOR: Featuring 14 teeth with 3 serrations each, VG-10 cobalt steel and a ball bearing pivot.   COST:  $375.00 

Top Shear: King
The Kings are  6.25 inches in length with dense blades that cut through any hair smooth like butter. Ball Bearing system with a crane handle. 

Bottom Shear: Driver
The Driver is a compliment to the king as they are smaller in size but just as powerful and precise in finish work and detailing. Handle designed to fit comfortably in your hand and easy to manuver.