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These are used for texturizing and creative cutting. Each one has a different purpose and will create a wide variety of textures. Some can be used for complete haircuts.  Visit our WebStore

D/S-2K-30, better known as "The DOUBLE". One side serrated, the other straight tooth. Used for ghost-line cutting and softness. Excellent for back-comb cutting. Also good for cutting hair extensions. VG-10 cobalt alloy. COST: $350.00

REMY: Comes in a 26-or 30-tooth (shown). Ball bearing pivot, ergonomic handle, fixed finger rest. This one takes 30% reduction. Used for bulk removal and finish work. Double-serrated. VG-10 cobalt COST: $350.00

BABY NOTCHER: 8-teeth. For creating staggered lines, fringe cutting, and short textured cuts. Great for bangs. VG-10 cobalt alloy. COST: $225.00

CLASSIC: With flat screw so you can stack up to three on top of each other. Available in 5-1/2 and 6" sizes (shown). Convex blade for wet and dry cutting, as well as finish work. Cobalt alloy. COST: $250.00