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Having been in the cosmetology industry for over 30 years, Louis Lacayo has taken his experience using the tools of the trade and devised a different approach. The practice had previously been for manufacturers to make only one style of scissors, and the stylists simply would pick from what they had.  With his understanding of how to hold the different tools, his designs have increased awareness of how stylists can do more with their instruments.

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Final touches on our model from a class at Amada's Salon in Sylmar ,Ca

Louis felt it was time to bring the correct product to the stylists who actually use the tools, by visiting them at their salons.  He then created a program called: "Scissors 101: Know Your Tools". This is a class which emphasizes the different sizes/shapes of handles and blades, as well as the correct techniques to use them. Louis found himself fielding questions from stylists about which tools to use to achieve the results they wanted.

Stylists at Personne Complet in Woodland Hills getting into their work with their new tools

Louis can now make these tools available to a larger segment of the industry through direct marketing.  His experience in the field has led him to understand the importance of the finest details of tool production.  By collaborating with manufacturers, he was able to substantially increase and improve the stylists' selection of tools.   

In order for there to be any benefit to stylists, the tools must be affordable. Understanding how to use and hold the instrument (teaching techniques) is the key to getting the most out of these new designs, and that's where "Scissors 101" comes in.